YEAR: 2021
BRIEF: Create a sustainable visual identity for an un-corporate organisation.
CONTEXT: The brief required us to build a visual identity of a brand through an in-depth understanding of their main aims, audience and services. My main aim for unit 7 was create work which related to an aspect of my identity, so I decided to make the project more personal  to me and explore the branding of black independent businesses in particular. This also gave me the ability to learn more about the underlying issues of brands within my own community and use my knowledge to develop one.
Sustainable packaging mock up:
The business I chose to rebrand was “Refill” a small independent, black owned Caribbean food shop situated In brixton. Caribbean food shops, along with many other black owned businesses are essential in black communities. They provide access to services specific to our community’s needs. The generation of these businesses also helps to provide job opportuni- ties for ethnic minorities and enables us to pump money back into our communities (Reid, 2016). Whilst these businesses are important many fail due to our communities lack of knowledge in certain de- partments. Black people have the ability to produce outstanding products and come up with top of the range business plans but the majority tend to struggle with execution which in the long run effects the com- panies customer service, professionalism and quality of products. This is apparent with the brand Refill. When restaurants similar to Refill eventually go out of business it leaves room in the market for competitors other communities to take ownership of the the things we once created and still require.
Logo comparison :


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